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With, you will never worry about your incomplete task anymore. We Help you finish your Task in Time by help of our workers. Then you can use your time to do more Task.


About Us

Our goal is to create a product and service that you’re satisfied with and use it every day. This is why we’re constantly working on our services to make it better every day. is a platform that will help you finish your job easily and safely. We comes from the problem of brilliant ideas that never realized only because of the lack of experts who were able to realize the idea.

Easy to Use

Platform designed to make it easier for User to Use Everyday

Safe and Secure

All Transactions will be Monitored by our Team to ensure User Safety

Reliable Workers

All Workers are expert workers and passed Recruitment that we've held

This idea comes from Everyday Problems present because of our anxiety about the people who have many opportunities to be successful, but are hindered by time constraints and abilities.

In our opinion, these opportunities are very unfortunate if not used optimally. This opportunity certainly does not come to everyone. Now, everyone has the same opportunity to be successful.

We are here as a Solution! present as a Solution. Our Solution is to bring together people who have jobs and people who need jobs. We connect busy people and people who have time, so that both of them feel mutually benefited.

Our partners are certainly not just people who have time. Our partners are people who we have chosen to work under the name of and we always monitor their performance.

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We always try to provide services to make it easier to use this platform. At present, We already have several features supporting our main business processes.
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Home Page of Mobile Application. You can view your Recent Projects or Post a Project here.


Mobile Application will send notification right to your pocket when any Interaction submitted on your Projects.


Negotiate the Right Price based on workers opinion to difficulty of your Projects.


Secure Payment integration with Bank and Payment Gateway.


Live Chat to get more details on your ongoing Projects.


Goodbye to heavy Mobile Apps, we hate slow and ineffective as much as you do.

Statistical Research

Based on Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics

August 2018

Open Unemployment Rate

In August 2017 which reached 7.04 million unemployment, the open unemployment data has decreased by 40,000 people.


August 2018

Total Indonesian Employee

The working population is 127.07 million, an increase of 2.53 million compared to February 2017.


December 2013

Enterprises in Indonesia

There are over 57 million Small and Medium Enterprises in 2013 in Indonesia.


Small and Medium Enterprise


Employeed People


Unemployeed People

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